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Best Collection of Sorry Messages For Friends In Urdu

Best Collection of Sorry Messages For Friends In Urdu.Sorry  is an emotion that just about all people would really like to much less of.From our very first mood and turn all of the manner up to the  most people have attempted to avoid feeling sad.A number of us even generally tend to evaluate how accurate or bad our week/weekends have been on the amount of happiness (or disappointment) we experienced.

Best Collection of Sorry Messages For Friends In Urdu service allows the customers to explicit their sentiments of disappointment nicely.It’s miles important to word that the writer isn’t always speaking about humans tormented by depression.melancholy can start for no particular reason, it also can develop from an overreaction of a few type of existence stress.unhappiness, alternatively, is a natural part of lifestyles.Sorry Messages For Friends improve your friendship your emotions feeling,s or apology.Unhappiness is truly the maximum common and incredibly felt emotion. each human, come upon certain moments in life that makes them unhappy and down. depression and grief occurs due to unhappiness. dropping a cherished one, lacking an opportunity, ending up of a long relationship and many others are the events that brings disappointment to at least one’s existence.you may locate bundles of Best Collection of Sorry Messages For Friends In Urdu options on this page that may be dispatched to the cherished ones and friends out of your mobile phone.

There may be a saying that somewhat relates that is going some thing like this: ‘if your lifestyles is a flat line you would possibly as properly be useless’. I suppose that,  other things, sadness opens our eyes to what’s definitely essential in lifestyles. In short, it could be a completely sobering revel in in an otherwise chaotic global. sadness also permits us to understand when we’re the happiest that’s why I think it’s vital to acknowledge disappointment when we experience it, but to additionally attempt no longer to stay on it for too lengthy.

You may pick and choose a suitable Collection of Sorry Text For Friends from our extraordinary list of messages published on this web page.Checkout our high-quality Best Sorry Messages For Friends  In Urdu collection.

Best Collection of Sorry Messages For Friends In Urdu

Sorry Messages For Friends

Aaj Zinda Hai Tu Kal Guzar Jeyn Gey

Kon Jane Kab Bichar Jay Gey

Naraz Na Hona Hmari Shararton Se Aye


Yehi To Pal Kal Yad Ayen Gey


I,am Sorry ,

If I Heart U


I Want U I Love U


Teri Yadon Se Nazren Churane Ki Khatir

Dunia Ko Dikhane Ki Khatir

Mon Pher Kr Muskurane Laga Hon

Tu Ye Na Samjna Tujhe Bol Betha Hon


Jab Dil Chaha Khel Lia

Jab Dil Chaha Toor Dia

Mohabat Ke Naam Par Tariq

Insan Ko Khela B jata Hai Toora B Jata Hai


Hum Se Kabi Khata Ho Jay Tu Maaf Kar Dena

Hum Na Yaad Kar Payen Tu Maaf Kare Dena


Dil Se Tu Hum Kabi Kisi Ko Bulate Nahi Hain

Pur Ye Dil Hi Ruk Jay Tu Maaf Kar Dena


Bhool Se Agar Kabi Bhool Ho Jaye

Tu Bhool Kar Maaf Kar Dena


Mukhtasir Baat Yeh Hai

Tere Bina Zindagi Ki Smaj Nahi Arhi


Wo Shakhs Jis Ki Yad Main Ankh Pigal Gai

Chup Chaap Pas Se Ho Kar Guzar Geya


Hoi Ho Agar Koi Galti Tu Is Zaate Na Chiz Ko Maaf Kar Dena

Kal Ye Zaat Hi Na Rahi Tu Farz Kon Utare Ga


Teri Qurbat Bhi Nahi Hai Muyar Or

Din B Barish Ke Agye


Yun To Jo Chaha Zamne Main Mila Mujh Ko

Aaa Dekh Phir Bhi Teri Zarorat Hi Rahi


Tumhri Deed Ko Mri Tarsi Reh Gai Ankhen

Nah Hijar Ma CHein Aya Na Rat Ma Nend Ai Na Tum Aye


Mujh Se Kia Gila Itne Bad Guman Ho Tum

Maine Tum Ko Chaha Tum Se Kuch Naho Chaha


Hum Sadgi Main Juk Hi Kia Geye

Tum Ne Gira Howa Samaj Lia


Samaj Nahi Aata Kia Par Kia Jaye Gila

Bhai Bhi Dushman Se Mil Kar Kaat Leta Hai


Bulandi Par Pochne Ki Dua Kis Ke Liye Mango

Jis Ko Sir Pe Bethata Ho Wohi Kaat Leta Hai

18.Wo Aajeeb Shakhs Tha Ma Samaj Na Paya Usko

Chahta Bi Gazab Ka Tha Choor Kar Bi CHala Geya


Jese Sahil Se Chural Leti Hai Daman Mojhe

Kitna Aasan Hai Muj Se Tera Gareza Hona


Har Shakhs Se Sun Raha Hon Ma Dastan Apni

Mujhe Khuda Hi Nahi Pata Main Barbad Q Howa

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